Kicking your business goals is the focus of everything we do at Little Rogue Communication. We deliver results that matter to you; whether it be more website visitors, more sales, or more brand exposure. We're passionate about delivering communication strategies that convert; that's why we strive for meaningful, targeted and measurable results.


Marketing Strategy

Whether you're new to business or have been around the traps for ages, every business needs a solid marketing strategy to ensure you’re converting your target audience to customers. We specialise in helping small businesses define their target market, map their conversion funnel and refine their brand strategy. That means we can assist if you’re struggling to reach your audience or communicate what your business is about.


Digital advertising

With more than a decade’s experience in pay-per-click advertising including Facebook ads, Google Ads and digital advertising on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and more, we’ve got your back when it comes to advertising your business online. We specialise in creating kick-ass campaigns that nail the who (audience), when (timing), where (media buy), what (message), why (proposition) and how (calls to action).


Digital coaching

We’ve partnered with Treeti Business Consulting as a Digital Solutions Advisor through the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (NT & Far North Queensland) program. This means you can access our MD, Louise Tagell’s, digital coaching services at a heavily subsidised price, thanks to the support of the Aussie Government. You just need to have 19 or less employees and hold a valid ABN to be eligible.



Writing killer copy that converts customers is one of our favourite things to do; websites, press ads, billboards, blogs, search engine advertising, TV and radio scripts, email marketing, social media content - you name it, we’ll write for it. Or, if you like to write your own stuff and have a trained copywriter proof or edit your work, we can do that too.


Social media management

Too time-poor to manage your social media accounts? Can’t keep up with the constant algorithm changes? Or maybe you’re just not a social media fan. Whatever the roadblock is from you owning it on your socials, we can help you out with basic or comprehensive social media management plans for one or multiple small business accounts so you can focus on what you do best - running your business.



Being consistent with your blogging efforts is crucial to meeting the needs of your audience, positioning yourself as an industry knowledge broker and ultimately, converting readers into customers. Don’t have time to write blog posts, or just don’t like writing? All goo. We’ve got oodles of blog writing experience, so we can take the stress out of managing your blog.


Social media strategy

Lacking direction when it comes to managing your social media accounts, but can’t afford a social media manager? Maybe your news feed looks like a total mess, and you need assistance nailing your digital brand. A social media strategy may be what you need to get you back on track. This handy document will spell out who your target audience is, where to find them and the types of content you need to produce to engage them.


Content creation

The hard sell not your style? Content marketing is a great way to create value for your customers and get them to feel the warm and fuzzies for your brand. But high-quality videos, professional photography, social media posts, publications, email marketing content, e-books and website content take a lot of time and effort to create - that's where we come in.


Digital marketing audits

So you’ve had a go at managing your social media accounts, and maybe even running some digital ad campaigns, but you’re not sure what’s worked and what hasn’t. Cue in Little Rogue Communication. As self-confessed data nerds, we can pull together insights from your social media pages and digital ads account to and make sense of the numbers with an easy-to-understand report and actionable recommendations.

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